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Submissions Guidelines

Love Africa Press is a publisher that celebrates all things African in genre fiction.


We are a digital-first publisher utilising ground-breaking technology platforms like Okadabooks to bring love stories written by Africans to African readers. Our books are also widely available on other online platforms for readers in the rest of the world.

From the Îles des Chiens in Tunisia to Cape Agulhas in South Africa, Santo Antao in Cape Verde to Rodrigues in the Mauritian Islands, our stories take the readers on adventures across the African landscape, whether it is in cities or villages, deserts or jungles, mountains or beaches.

No African location or experience is off limits.

We want characters and stories that readers will remember well after they've turned the last page of the book.

Whether your female lead is a sweetheart or a slay queen, good or bad, flawed or fierce, we want her to own her African-ness. If she's not African, then be sure to show us how she falls in love with Africa.

Same goes for your male lead.

Alpha or not, we want men we can't help falling in love with. If he's not the alpha type, give us reasons to swoon over him. Regardless of how ruthless and scary he might appear, we want to see a man with a compassionate heart even if it takes the heroine to bring it out. If he treats women like dirt at the start of the story, then you have to show valid motivation for his behaviour and his path to redemption which includes his (serious) suffering. 

No one should treat a woman like dirt and get away with it, especially in fiction.

We don't want perfect characters, male or female. Flawed is good. But show an arc of personal growth.

Above all else, we want stories that grip our attention, stories that make us cry or laugh, make us get angry or sigh with pleasure, stories that we want to read again and again. We want drama, suspense, comedy, and adventure. Most of all, we want romance.



We are currently accepting the following:

  • Romantic fiction with a central love story and an emotionally satisfying happy ending under the following categories: Contemporary romance, Historical romance, Paranormal romance, Fantasy romance, Science fiction romance, Romantic Suspense.

  • Women's Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Thrillers that include some romantic elements but not necessarily HEA or HFN.

  • One of the main characters should be African. Characters on the LGBTQ spectrum are welcome. Interracial pairings are welcome, as is ménage and/or reverse harems.

  • Story should be set mainly in Africa.

  • Minimum word count – 10k.

  • Heat level – sweet to spicy.

  • Original works of the author. We will consider republishing previously published works of the author on a case-by-case basis.

  • Series are most welcome – however, contract is on a book-by-book basis. We would also prefer to see a series bible or a general overview of the series (including but not limited to number of books & series arc) when sending in your submission


We DO NOT accept:

  • Stories that include bestiality, incest, paedophilia, necrophilia, or rape, especially for the purpose of titillation.

  • Stories that include 'white saviours'.

  • Racism in any form.

  • Stories with POV 'head-hopping'.



Send us your completed manuscript to be considered for publication by email to

  • In the subject of the email include: Submission – Book Title – Author

  • In the body of the email include: Book Title, Author, Series title (if part of a series), and 300-word synopsis of your story.

  • Include your completed manuscript as an attachment to the email. Your manuscript should be saved as AuthorName_BookTitle_Manuscript


Manuscripts formatting guidelines:

FORMAT: doc, docx, rtf

FONT: Times New Roman,

SIZE: 12

LINE SPACING: Double-spaced

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