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Title: A Small-Town Girl

Author: Diana Anyango

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: small town, ranch/cowboy, military veteran


Lucy Akinyi returns home to lick her wounds after a bad breakup and finds purpose in advocating for children’s rights. But the hurt has left her slow to trust and almost numb to love.

Adams Okal goes into the heart of Kachieng’ to set up his dream ranch and have some peace, away from deception, war, death and despair. But without the army, he feels like a blind man groping in the dark and starts to feel lonely without his family until he meets Lucy.

Their physical attraction makes him want her. Yet, Adams can’t settle for a brief liaison. Lucy pulls his heartstrings like no other. However, she is resistant to getting entangled with a man in uniform. Are they strong enough to demolish all the barriers and discover love on the other side?


MENTIONS: Child abuse, sexual assault, gender-based violence, death of a loved one, PTSD and suicide.


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