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The best way to get over a man is to get under another man.


I’ve been a good girl all my life, and what has it gotten me? Nothing but heartbreak. So, when famous actor, hottest bachelor in town, and recently single Michael offers me a romantic night out, I can’t resist the sparks between us. Unfortunately, our romantic night turns into a movie marathon because honourable Michael will not touch a tipsy woman.


When pictures of us kissing hit the media, and I become the target of hateful blogs, society labels me a hussy, and my reputation is in shreds. Branded a promiscuous woman overnight and on the verge of losing my job, I need a knight in shining armour. Or a plan.


Michael has a plan which could save me or leave me more heartbroken than before. But that’s the danger of dating Mr Famous. Am I willing to pay the price?


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Dating Mr Famous by Glory Abah | eBook


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