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Don’t they say two wrongs make a right…or something?
Dawn is officially in the struggle zone. Her job is a mess, her side hustle isn’t faring much better, and home doesn’t bring the comfort she needs. Dawn is sinking under the weight of responsibilities and needs some fun to counter all this stress. The best remedy comes in a tall, hunky package who just happens to be emotionally unavailable. Sometimes, hooking up with the wrong guy is the best way to unwind.

Red is nursing a broken heart…or at least it feels like one. His on-again-off-again girlfriend is putting him through hell. Surely it won’t hurt to test the waters a bit? A one-night stand with Dawn leaves him wanting more. He has been lonely for too long, and trying to stand on his own feet is hard when there’s no one on his team.

Two young lovers are drawn together amid family feuds, secrets and legacies. With emotions running high and betrayals at every turn, Red and Dawn learn the best way to fix broken hearts is with each other.


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-914226-50-2

Publication date: 5th December 2023






How to Fix a Broken Heart by Bambo Deen| eBook

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