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Tags: Contemporary romance, New Adult, Workplace/Colleagues, Sweet romance




After spending five years at the university, and an extra year in law school, not to mention Nigerian Universities’ rigorous, stressful study schedule, I am ready to take on the justice system in Nigeria.


However, nothing—absolutely nothing—prepares me for what the day brings when I start a new job. What is it about arrogant asshats that press my buttons?


Anyway, I’m not about to be deterred. I’m ready to take on the world. God help anyone who wants to stop me, arrogant asshats inclusive.


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I’m at my desk, working on a file for Sunmola. Junior associates are at the beck and call of senior associates and partners in the firm. We usually have a lot of dirty work to do. Sunmola and I are fast friends despite her seniority in the firm. We meet for lunch every afternoon and even spent last Saturday together at the movies.

A presence across my desk breaks my concentration. I lift my head, and my heart slams in my chest.

Dapo is standing there. What does he want? More work for me?

My face crumples as I wait for him to state his case.

"Why the sad look? Aren’t you happy to see me?"      

I roll my eyes heavenwards.

"What can I help you with?” I ask uncharitably, trying to tone down my suddenly racing pulse.

"I just came by to see you."

"Oh." I peer at him curiously. "I would have offered you a seat, but…." I gesture to the empty space before me.

"No problem." He leans on my desk and crosses his arms over his impressive chest. "Quick question—will you go out for a drink with me after work?"

Huh? That came out of nowhere.

 "A drink?" I repeat aloud.

"Yeah. You know, those things that come out of bottles into cups, and you sip?"

"I know what a drink is." I roll my eyes again.

"Oh? I would have argued that in court."

"Very funny." I laugh despite myself.

"So?" He raises his eyebrows.


"Why? Well, let me think. It could be that you annoy me, and I want to give you a good dressing down, or it could be that I like you and want to spend more time with you outside of the office.…." he trails off.



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