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Rough Diamond 1 & 2: The complete duology


Rough Diamond: The Origin

Enders series #4

This is the becoming of an antihero and his undoing.

Before Mason became the Yadili fixer and acquired the Mace nickname, he learned to navigate loss, grief, and treachery. Then he meets Sophie and briefly experiences respite with a woman who matches his wildness. But can he hang on to her?

Mason’s and Sophie’s story unfolds in two parts. The Origin is part one.

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Rough Diamond 2: Deal & Close

Enders series #5

Frenemies and desire, a lethal cocktail.

Mason is a Yadili fixer. Like his name implies, there’s never been a challenge he couldn’t cut, dress, and lay to rest. Those close to him fondly call him Mace—a heavy club with a spiked metal head—for a reason. He will rip the heart out of anyone who crosses him. However, when the treacherously seductive Sophie comes to him for a favour, the grudge he’s suppressed for a decade threatens to spiral out of control.


Sophie holds her own in the ruthless Yadili world. She set up the Haven Project to provide safety for her workers. Still, someone is intent on destroying her. So she has little option but to ask the dangerously desirable Mason for help. He offers her a deal she can’t refuse. But making a bargain with Mason is akin to dealing with the devil. Still, better the devil she knows, especially one she’s resented for ten years.


Together, Mason and Sophie must battle to survive all manner of betrayals. That’s if their thinly veiled animosity for each other doesn’t consume them first.


Mason’s and Sophie’s story unfolds in two parts. Deal & Close is the final part.

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