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Title: The One That Got Away

Author: Zee Monodee

Series: Island Girls: 3 sisters in Mauritius #1

Genre: contemporary romance

Tropes: second chance

Release date: April 29th, 2022


Tagline: Love wasn't enough as teenagers. Can a second chance as adults end happily for Lara & Eric?



Eldest sister of the Hemant sibling trio, Lara Reddy, returns to Mauritius as a divorcee and must contend with Indo-Mauritian society's outdated views about marriage and the modern woman. In the middle of this dumpster fire, she comes across Eric Marivaux, the white French-Mauritian man she loved as a teenager and gave up because their mixed race/cultural relationship would not stand a chance on this island. But here comes a second chance: Eric wants her back in his life, and he will stop at nothing to win her back. Will Lara be her own worst enemy and thus end up unhappy ever after?








The One That Got Away | Zee Monodee (paperback)


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